Community Acupuncture 

Starting May 26th - July 3rd, 2021

we will be offering two community acupuncture days on

Wednesday's from 3p-7p

Saturday's from 11a-3p

Cost: $40 per session (cash or check)

Walk ins are welcome and treated on a first come first serve basis

Click the button below to book your time slot

(NOTE: Your total treatment time (from intake to completion) will last about 45-60 minutes. 

Don't be alarmed if  you schedule online and it shows the treatment lasting only 20 minutes.)

What is community acupuncture? 

Community acupuncture is when multiple people are receiving acupuncture treatments in a group setting at the same time. At the Zhen Center, this is done outside on our back patio where you'll rest on a comfy table or chair with others. Walk-ins are welcome, however we encourage you to book an appointment on our website to ensure you get the treatment time you prefer.

What types of conditions are treated at community acupuncture?

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hand/wrist pain, foot/ankle pain, numbness/tingling, knee pain, headaches, insomnia, menstrual complaints, menopausal symptoms, seasonal allergies, GI (nausea, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea), stress, anxiety, mental health support, post stroke neurological symptoms, hyperactive children, substance addiction, and more! 

Who is community acupuncture for? 

Anyone! From infants, kids, teens, adults, and older adults. Existing patients or new. If you've heard about acupuncture but not sure if it's for you, this is a great opportunity to try a few sessions and see if it's helpful to getting your body back to it's peak performance.

Will my health concern go away after one treatment?

Rome wasn't built in a day - our health issues are an accumulation of years of work, stress, injury, malnutrition, etc. Acupuncture works like a ladder - it starts by building a foundation to get your body used to the subtle changes inflicted by the tiny needles. Attending multiple sessions (anywhere from 4-8) gives your body the best chance to experience the benefits of acupuncture. I'd love to help you climb up the ladder of healing!

What will my session look like?

If it's your first visit, you will fill out intake and consent forms in the waiting area outside. When we have a table ready for you, you will relax on a table on our back patio and we will briefly discuss your reason for treatment. You will receive anywhere from 2-15 acupuncture needles and be left to rest for about 30 minutes. Some people like to bring headphones to listen to music, a podcast, or white noise while others attend with their friends and chat, and some just prefer to take a little nap or rest. Blankets and pillows will be used to help make your rest most comfortable. 

How should I prepare for the treatment?

Wear something comfortable and loose fitting so I will be able to access your elbows and knees without causing constraint. Eat at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. 

Parking & Payment

Parking at the Zhen Center is limited - if you do not see any available spots in the driveway please park on the street close to the mailbox. 

Payment is due at the start of your session before needling. Accepted forms of payment are cash or check. We do not accept insurance or provide super bills for this type of service.