what our patients say


"I would urge anyone who is in pain or has any issues that is preventing them from enjoying their life to seek out Shanna at Zhen Center, she is terrific! Don’t wait until you have exhausted all avenues to make this move. It will be well worth your time. Yes it’s not your traditional form of treatment but it works without having to take medicines or injections as I did that didn’t work and caused more discomfort and pain. I was struggling with side effects from chemo and radiation and finally read an article on Acupuncture. I thought this sounded more of what I wanted for myself and reached out to Shanna. Turned out to be one of the best decision I have made regarding my health.
I went in with many issues, one was my Stomach, I have been on medicine for years for acid reflux and after my first visit I no longer need or take medicine for my stomach.

Hip pain was also a problem that has been resolved. My journey continues with Shanna as she works diligently on making me pain free, every appointment is one day closer to being pain free. Don’t wait until its your last resort, take that leap of faith and give Shanna a call. Get a consultation and see what she can do for you. No doubt you will be pleasantly surprised."


"I began working with Dr. Hudgin at Zhen Center to address chronic gastrointestinal concerns. I have been so impressed with the recovery I have experienced while under her care - all within a matter of weeks. Dr. Hudgin demonstrates a wonderful balance of friendliness and professionalism in her work, and provides thorough and compassionate assessments and treatments. In addition to improvements in the health concerns that brought me to the Zhen Center, I have experienced more balance in my mental well-being and energy level as I continue treatments."


 "So glad I found Dr. Hudgin and the Zhen Center! I found relief from my migraines after only the first two sessions. She is caring and compassionate and her ultimate goal is to restore and maintain balance for her patients."


"I spend many hours a day at my computer for work and graduate school. This leads to very tight muscles in my neck and upper back. I have found acupuncture provides the best treatment and relief for this. I found Dr. Hudgin while searching for a new practice due to change in jobs. Dr. Hudgin is one of the best practitioners I have been to. She is very thorough and attentive to your treatment needs and progress during each session. Her facility is always clean and comfortable. I see her regularly to keep my tight muscles at bay. Additionally, I find her acupuncture treatments fantastic for stress reduction."